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Company Policy

It is our company policy to make this site as accessible as possible and give equal opportunity to all visitors. This is a new site and we are still in the process of undergoing accessibility training for our staff and in the process of incorporating accessibility features. You may find, therefore, that you experience difficulties with some parts of the site - if this is the case, please bear with us and tell us of your problem using the contact information at the Contact Us page.

We do not ascertain the accessibility features of external sites to which link and do not have any policy of only linking to accessible sites - we hope that other sites will have their own appropriate policy.

Standards Compliance

Our aim is to conform to all of the Guidelines for UK government websites and the Worldwide Web Consortiums (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0, Level AA - but we are not there yet.

Some of the Accessibility Features

  1. We make appropriate use of the ALT attribute to describe graphical features.
  2. Purely decorative graphics use a null ALT attributes
  3. We use cascading stylesheets (CSS) for visual layout but -
  4. We use tables for certain layouts where CSS just does not easily provide the required layout - but only where the content supports assistive technology reading in a linearised manner
  5. We use html 'Headers' where possible to help keyboard users 'scan' through large bodies of text
  6. We have tried to use simple and consistent layouts to enhance readability as much as possible
  7. We do not use blinking, flickering or flashing images

Of Note

  1. All links to external sites (except from Local Directory) open in new windows - for usability reasons. We're sorry if your browser doesn't support multiple windows.
  2. There are no PDF files, although some of the links to external sites provide PDFs

We have taken account of slow access speeds by reducing the size of graphic files to a minimum. We have not yet addressed old versions of browsers. We also have not addressed mobile devices.