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The best ways of adding money with home improvement

The news may be filled with doom and gloom about misbehaving banks and a second recession, but you can take matters into your own hands and add value to your home with these home improvements.

First impressions are important

The vast majority of decisions about whether to buy a property or not are made before the potential buyers even step foot inside the property. If your home doesn’t look good from the outside you have lost a huge percentage of buyers instantly. By replacing your external doors and windows, painting the exterior, cleaning and where necessary replacing the guttering, fixing and/or replacing roof tiles, sprucing up the garden and, if applicable, the driveway you can add thousands to your home, not to mention encourage many people to actually get inside. From solid wood external doors to fresh paint, these details really make a huge difference. They don’t have to be expensive and most of the work you can do yourself. Todd Doors has loads of external doors to choose from – the biggest online selection in the UK in fact – so you can find a style that suits your home.

Spend in the kitchen and bathroom

These two rooms can really sell a property and give your home the ‘wow’ factor. You don’t have to splurge; don’t bother replacing your bathroom suite or your kitchen cupboards but do bother replacing work surfaces, taps, door and cupboard handles and tiles and installing modern appliances. It might cost a few thousand but your return on the investment will be worth it. Don’t go for anything too dramatic, but do go the extra mile on the finishing touches.

Creating more space

Contrary to popular belief, to create more space you don’t have to build an extension. You can create more space by knocking down unnecessary walls and making better use of all available space. Turn under-stair cupboards into shower rooms or toilets; knock down walls downstairs to create open plan living areas and make the garden usable whatever the weather with a covered patio area. Find out more about how to add value to your home with this article on The Telegraph.