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DIY Guide To Fitting Roof Windows

If you want to bring more daylight into your home, a roof window is the way to do it. Installing a roof window in your loft space can be done as an enjoyable DIY project. Loft windows add an instant source of light into an area of the house that is usually quite dull. If you never use loft space, installing a few windows will encourage you to use the space more often. You can even transform it into a home office or work space, ensuring that you are no longer wasting valuable space (turning a loft space into living accommodation is a big job Ė new joists, new roof and a staircase are some key requirements) . It may come as a surprise to learn that fitting your own windows is quite easy. If you have the right tools and knowledge for the job, you will be able to have your own roof windows fitted before the end of the day (this must be done from the outside, so scaffolding, for a sloping roof, is one major requirement - scaffolding does not necessarily cost a lot) Here is our handy DIY guide to assist you with the process:

Consider your roof angle

Before attempting to install your own roof window, you need to be sure of the angle. Your roof will either be a sloping one or it will lie completely flat. A handy way to measure the angle of your roof is to use a piece of timber. You can measure the entire roof angle using this technique. This process is extremely important, especially if your roof has a shallow slope. The main reason for this is because the tiles or slate covering of your roof will impact your flashing set. For example, when it rains on a shallow sloping roof, the water takes longer to run off the edge. If you havenít considered the angle of your roof before installation, the rain may run underneath the flashings or tiles when the wind picks up speed and strength. Putting a roof window into a flat roof may well require a professional roofer to cut through and replace the roof membrane.

Removing the tiles

Once you have found the perfect position for your new roof window, you must remove the slates or tiles from the desired area. This can be done from the outside, starting with slates/tiles at the eaves. A slate rip is useful at first for tiles. Next, you must remove the roof timbers blocking your way. Your window will come with installation instructions. Take a look over these to help determine how much timber you need to remove. You will also have to add extra timbers to help strengthen those left behind. If you are struggling with the process of fitting your new roof window, you should seek professional advice and guidance from the roof and window experts from Kens Yard.

Installing the Window

Now that you have the hard part out of the way, itís time to install the window. Firstly, remove the opening sash and use the frame that remains to fit into the new opening. There should be fixing brackets supplied with your order, use these for a secure and tight fit. Next up, is the process of fitting the roof flashing. This is used to ensure that the connecting joint between the roof and the window frame is 100% watertight. Lastly, you need to re-arrange the tiles to fit around the new window. You will probably have to mark them and cut them later to determine the correct size.