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Building from scratch?

Building a new home from the foundations up, with the ability to have a hand in every detail of the construction, is a dream and goal for many people. Eliminating the third-party costs when a construction firm is involved, means that the cost of building the home, including purchasing the land, buying the building materials and employing some labor only when required, will be substantially less.

Advantages of building a home from scratch

There are many advantages to building a home from scratch. Self-building a home saves a great deal of money, benefitting the property by increasing the market value of the property and immediately establishing equity for the home builder. The difference between market value and the cost of the build can be as great as 30%.

Self-building allows the homeowner to be at the helm when designing and making choices as to what building materials will be used. From flooring and paint to fixtures and accents, the self-builder gets to choose the materials and can finish the home to suit their individual taste.

Self-building also allows the homeowner to integrate features that are important to them, such as energy-saving elements or accessibility factors.

Getting started with the build

Armed with an idea and a wish list for a dream house, a self-builder will want to get started by finding the right architect; someone who is not only skilled at their job but also able to understand the vision of the self-builder, and that will be able to help them flesh it out and bring it to life. Decisions about what land to buy and where, as well as what the cost ceiling for the build is going to be, will all be more easily made with the help of a capable architect.

It is essential to know how long the construction should take. Generally, the actual build time should be about half the time it took to plan the construction, assemble the team and purchase the land and all materials needed. Having a rough schedule in mind will make keeping things on schedule much easier.

Great places to build a dream home

Nothing can call a halt to a dream home build quicker than not being able to build it in the desired location. Self-builders who really want to be in the particular town or city do have the option of purchasing an existing property and rehabbing it to suit their unique vision if land isnít available for purchase.

Many of the best locations for building a home in the US are located in the southwest, near the Rocky Mountains and in the states along the Mississippi River. Arizona is popular for its warmth and nearly year-round sunshine, while neighboring New Mexicoís Lincoln County offers great build location and plenty of Old West history and lore to boot. Colorado, Wyoming and Idaho still have large swaths of acreage, perfect for families looking to build on a larger property. Eureka Springs, Arkansas and Natchez, Mississippi are great locations to find homes ready for rehab as well as property ripe for development.

Texas is a great state for a self-build; prices are low and land is cheap and available in large amounts, particularly in the western parts of the state.