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Handling Materials

Some key things to consider in ordering and storing materials are:
  1. Getting materials in time to be used so that work is not held up
  2. Not having too much material. Although it seems a good idea to get all of some materials delivered at one time, you will be surprised how often it is that such material is not used at once and is left for some time - getting in the way. This becomes especially important when you have plumbers and electricians requiring access to most walls and areas in the house. If you have large quantities of, for example, insulation material, they will not be best pleased if they have to constantly shift it.
  3. Ensuring there is room for delivery lorries - storing heavy material underneath the loading bay may mean that a lorry cannot get sufficiently near to crane a new delivery up onto the scaffolding bay.
  4. For bulk materials especially, someone needs to be on site to say where the material is to be delivered.
  5. Some materials are attractive to thieves, for example, copper pipe. Such materials need to be stored in a secure area, especially if in an area of high crime.
  6. Some materials may be affected by water, such as cement and plaster, and they must be stored in dry conditions. Get them off the ground by stacking on pallettes or strips of wood.
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