The Self Build Self Help Site Reclaiming Your VAT
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It has not always been easy finding the section on the HM Customs & Excise web site regarding reclaiming VAT, so go to their section on "VAT refunds on self-build new homes or non-residential conversions"

You will need to read this section carefully but, if you are considering a new build, you will most likely be eligible for a refund. You will only be able to claim for "building materials" - this is all explained in their notes.

You must make your claim within three months of the completion of the build - which is usually signified by receiving the certificate of completion issued by the local planning authority. Obviously you will need to forward all of the receipts which, by the end of the build, will be in the hundreds. Our advice here is to get a good filing system in place at the outset - putting the key information from the recepts into a computer spreadsheet is very helpful. You only get one chance to claim, and so make sure none of the receipts go missing and get the claim right first time - if you find more receipts after you have made your claim then tough! ................

But, one way to help yourself here, to ensure all goes smoothly and reduce any delay in receiving the repayment, is to use a professional company, such as Self Build VAT based in West Wales.

Andrew McDonald says " Self Build VAT provides a low fee, quick turnaround service for completing your VAT refund following the completion of your new house. All you have to do is send all of your invoices and paperwork to us and we will complete your claim in less than two weeks for around 200. Sending your records by next day recorded delivery usually costs no more than 10. The VAT refund is paid direct to your bank account." New Build VAT Banner