The Self Build Self Help Site Site Security

A building site represents a good source of desirable tools and materials to some people who are not of a mind to actually pay for them. Add to this the threat of vandalism and the need to protect the public from harm and we are presented with a strong case for appropriate security features. See also our notes on site insurance

Perimeter Security

The first line of defence is at the perimeter of the site. Security fencing - 'Anti Climb Panels' of length 3.5m - can be hired at a modest cost - about 2-3 per week per panel. Obviously, depending on the length of boundary to be protected, this cost will mount up over the period during which a house is built. How much you will need to have such protection will depend on the area, your budget, the presence of other secure storage facilities and, importantly, the need to protect the public - think young children - from wondering onto your site and causing themselves harm.

Secure storage

Storage Containers are a good solution until the house is secure itself. There are a number of companies that will hire these out in a range of sizes. Get the largest that your site can accomodate - as well as the mixer, generator, tools and materials you may also find yourself sitting in it until the rain stops.

An alternative is to purchase the shed that will ultimately be sited in the garden - but they are less secure than a metal storage container.

Securing individual items

There are a number of multi-strand cable/locks on the market that can be used to secure individual items. If you are in a high risk area you may even want to employ these within your storage container as belt and braces.

Fire risk

Its not unkown for the local youths to gather wood and have a bonfire if they can get onto site. Although there will often be a lot of wood on site, and much of the offcuts and spare wood will have a use at one time or another, try not to store it altogether as a ready made fire. This goes against the grain of keeping a tidy site, but it is something to bear in mind.