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Costs of scaffolding can vary quite a lot for your self build, so ensure you get at least 2 quotes. Once you have started blockwork above slab level the representatives from the companies can visit and see enough to give you a quote. A standard period of time is 12 weeks. Depending on the size of house, complexity and type of build (timber frame is quicker), you may well go over 12 weeks, so ask what the charge for extra weeks is - often 10% per week.

For a two storey house the scaffolding will be erected in 2 lifts, plus hop-ups for any gables.

A few points to consider:

Further advice is to be found at the DirectGov site on hiring a scaffolding company

NOTE If your building design includes a garage, porch or any other part that remains at just one storey, then you may well have scaffolding poles that are sited on the floors of these. This will delay completion of the roofs of these until that part of the scaffolding is taken down, which is often when the whole lot comes down.

Finally, be aware that it is beneficial for the scaffolding company to take your scaffolding down when they can move it and erect at another site. This means that they may not always take it down when you have phoned and given them a date. If you think this may be a problem, discuss it with them when you get the initial quote.