The Self Build Self Help Site various planning materials

Texas is a great state for a self-build; prices are low and land is cheap and available in large amounts, particularly in the western parts of the state - find land with      Fairhomes Land

Planning will be one of the key features of your self build, or conversion etc, if you want to maximise your resources and minimise your non-profitable time. Unfortunately you will have some times when things don't go as planned, things may go wrong, you may be "on stop" - its a fact of life in the building industry - the weather certainly contrives to put a spanner in the works. But, you can plan away many problem areas, and if its only the weather that is against you then you've done well (better than anyone else managing a self-build).

Of course, if you have contracted a project manager, or are using the prime contractor for project manager then you are in their hands, but it is useful to have an insight into what they are doing on your behalf.

These pages provide just a few hints and tips to make planning easier, and the The Build Process pages provide much more.

Good planning!