The Self Build Self Help Site Installing Roof Trusses
Installing Roof Trusses
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Before installing the trusses mark each wall plate where each truss will be positioned - using centres of 400mm* is best. Ensure that the centre of each truss is a multiple of 400mm from the starting gable end so that the plasterboard sheets can be fixed (they are 2400mm in length).

* Your architect may have designed with 600mm centres but you get a bit of bounce when hammering batterns on.

photo of stored trusses

Walk each truss to the starting gable wall, spacing the first about 30mm away from the blocks - use a batten for this. Fix this truss plumb again using battens. Walk the second towards the first and position it on the mark.

photo of  trusses in placd

Each truss is held in place, at the correct spacing, by nailing to a batten. The battens can be seen here where all the trusses are in place.

photo of stored trusses

Each truss is fixed to the wall plate.

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