The Self Build Self Help Site Rendering a gable end

Where a gable end is simply the end wall of a saddle roof, the wall is usually cavity brickwork or blockwork from the base to the roof.

Where a gable end is formed above a portico, doorway or window screen it may be formed by other materials that will eventually be rendered or finished in matchboard, shiplap etc.

If you wish to form such a gable in blockwork, bearing in mind the weight to be supported above windows which are not intended to bear any weight, you will need substantial timber or steel girders. Your architect will provide guidance and you will probably need a structural engineer to provide the design and calculations.

These pages show in photograps how such a gable is prepared. It is fairly time consuming in labour and requires materials that are significant in cost.

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photo of gable pediment in preparation

A stud framework has been built beneath the gable ladder. Towards the bottom can be seen the steel girder which spans and supports the gable. Wooden noggins have been fixed in the web of the girder as part of the overall stud framework.

photo of gable pediment in preparation

In this picture of another construction, there is another view of the framework set inside the gable ladder. In this construction the gable is supported by wooden beams on 70mm steel box section supports. .