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stair design
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Key design decisions start with the type of stair - usually these are the standard wooden design, either a straight flight or a "winder". Another option is for spiral staircase but this is a bit out of the ordinary (not so easy to use and hellish for getting furniture up!).

The decision on straight or winder depends on the space available and/or personal preference. If one dimension of the stair well is at a premium then a winder might be the answer - in order to meet with Building Reg. requirements on rise, going and headroom.

Be aware that winders usually have to be made to order and the cost can be appreciably more than for a straight flight, especially in the case of straight flights bought from builders merchants or DIY outlets.

There is also a large variety of spindles that can be purchased.

Do not be tempted to buy a straight flight and alter it into a winder - we have seen this attempted a couple of times and the end result is that it is thrown away and a winder eventually bought!