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Rooms in the roof space

This is a decision for you, unless the local planning authority have any requirement of their own. This is often a way of gaining rooms where the local planners have set the maximum height for the ridge - for example, they may dictate that the ridge is not set above those of neighbouring houses/bungalows.

Apart from the extra costs of building the rooms, the downside of having rooms in the roof, from a build point of view, is that the roof trusses are made from heavier gauge wood and are thus heavier to handle, and more expensive. Whereas normal trusses can be manually handled and put in place, attic trusses will definitley need a crane - adding a few hundred ús to the cost

With regard to windows for rooms in the roof, the main options are roof lights (often called Velux, but this is just one manufacturer), a dormer window or, for a flat roof on an extension, a lantern light.

The pros and cons of these are:-

One commonly chosen option is for a dormer window at the front of the house and a roof light to the rear.
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