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Here the house has a more complex design, which some people will find attractive (its subjective so we've got to hedge a bit on such comments). The two features of note on the main roof are the gable at the front right and the roof to the garage. The gable allows the rooms below to be larger, but at some extra cost, notably:
  • more block work, especially the cut blocks giving the gable shape
  • additional roof trusses
  • valleys - lead, timber
  • more roof slates, cutting the slates down the valleys
  • inclusion of cavity trays - costly to buy and put in
All of these features will entail some extra labour required.
You may note, however, that most self-built houses feature at least one such gable.

With regard to the roof over the garage, it could have been simpler with a roof light to the front (there is one at the back). This would have been cheaper but does not give so much room inside and is not so attractive. This roof (a purlin roof) was not constructed from trusses but is a 'cut timber' roof requiring many days work from a carpenter, the dormer roof adding significant extra time (see also Rendering a Gable End) - the gable cheeks will be built to this design.

The use of cavity trays to ensure a water tight "seal" to the main house (also a Building Regs. requirement) requires significant extra work in blocklaying in addition to the cost of the cavity trays themselves.

Although an attractive design, there is another downside to this design. The room above the garage is approached via a corridor that reduces the size of the rooms in the main section of the house.

photo of house of more complex design
photo of house of more complex design
photo of house of more complex design

The photos above are of a house with a much more complex and pleasing design. But the complexity of design meant that it was very costly to build. The complexity of the roof, coupled with the requirement for attic rooms, required the roof to be all cut timber and, in addition, all the timbers were bolted together. This took a skilled carpenter many weeks to complete. The roof covering - real slate, soffits, fascias, rainwater goods all took some time. The result is a very attractive house - but make sure that the cost is understood.

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